I help a lot of weight loss clients.  One of the most common things that come up as a concern with clients is their nutrition.  This is natural.  A healthy diet is the cornerstone to losing those unwanted pounds.  However, there is so much unnecessary complexity in the media about ratios, volume, timing and so forth on food consumption.  Keep it simple!!  Honestly, this is ALL you need to know.  Are you ready?  Because it is REALLY basic!.

First, eat fewer calories than you expend.  Technically speaking, you could eat nothing but chocolate and still lose weight provided that you kept the quantity below your daily caloric needs.  There are some caveats to that that are too boring to share, but technically its true.

Second, eat whole foods.  As a basic rule, don’t eat anything that comes in a box or a wrapper.  Again, caveats apply.  Still, you would have to work to get fat if all you ate was whole meats, fruits and vegetables.

THAT’S IT!  I told you that its simple!