As a Fitness Pro I have heard it all! One thing I know is: diet is one major area of denial!  One thing I hear from so many friends and clients is, “I really don’t eat THAT much.”  Invariably, these are the very folks who aren’t losing body fat.  So, here is the thing, the SIZE of what you eat has virtually nothing to do with the QUALITY of what you eat.  I had a very chunky friend who as getting fatter and fatter every month.  Of course, he complained that he was getting fat and it was such a mystery <sarcasm!> as to why.  I explained to him that eating fried chicken from Popeye’s and a sweet drink had about 5 times the calories of a chicken breast and a water.   Naturally, he made no change to his diet …or his dialog about his consternation about getting fat.  I had another client, a middle aged lady who came to me saying she wanted to lose weight.  I dutifully gave her a diet on which she could easily lose 1-2 pounds per week.  She didn’t lose weight.  And, of course, she complained.  So we went over her diet in detail.  At first, its like talking to an alcoholic; “Um, lets see I had grilled chicken and a plain baked potato with nothing on it.”  To this I replied, “That sound fine.  Is that all?  Did you have anything else?”  She said, “No.  That’s all.”   Me: “So, not butter, no sour cream no cheese, nothing…?”  Her: “Well I had butter of course.  A potato is too dry without at least some butter.  And (the floodgates now opening!) I had just a little cheese.”  Me: “What is ‘a little’?”  Her:  “I don’t know, maybe a few table spoons.”  ME (switching to the chicken):  “Well, that is not a dry baked potato.  But, now lets talk about the chicken.  It was grilled?  Where did it get grilled–at home.” Her:  “Well I USUALLY grill my chicken but my grill is outside so I sauteed the chicken this time.”  Me:  “In what did you saute the chicken?”  Her:  “Just a LITTLE BIT of olive oil.  I have to have SOME taste!”  And, just like an alcoholic, the truth floodgates opened and the truth was revealed!  What sounded like a 250 calorie meal ballooned into about 700.


Check out the book “Volumetric Eating”  It is a great source on this whole dynamic.


I can go on and on.  But, this is the thing.  Food is a function of QUALITY not VOLUME.  I can help you with your nutrition.  I know it can be confusing too.  But, you can learn and you can get control of your eating without feeling significantly deprived.


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