107 30JAN19

I wondered someday if I would get to the point where the music would get too loud, I’d not want to figure out how to work the latest electronic device or I would forget where I left my keys.  Fortunately, only the music is too loud so far!  However, one modern invention is really getting on my nerves – Social Media.

Social Media started out like music.  It was fun.  We all kept up with each other and all my long lost friends were suddenly back in my life.  It was like a daily high school reunion.  But, now, its too loud!  What used to be fun pics of friends out and about has now become people showing way too much skin and, to me, demeaning themselves in the pursuit of likes and followers.

The proliferation of Social Media has also become a huge hub of commercialization and disinformation.  Everyone is trying to sell something now.  In the pursuit of more followers and business, hoards of people are also promoting exercises and routines that are just flat out stupid.  “Trainers” these days are indoctrinated by licensing agencies such as NASM and others.  The programs taught by these organisations are created by Physical Therapists.  While physical therapy is great for retraining your body to after an injury or surgery, most of the exercises created by Physical Therapists don’t translate well to those seeking to gain muscle tone or athletic performance.  I see countless pointless exercises being performed in the gym day after day.  I have to shake my head.  Worse still is that these “Trainers” are posting on Social Media, as if they are experts, exercises that do virtually nothing except make the client dependent on the trainer.  When I see off balance movements, bands, and trainers talking about “core,” I am awestruck by the willingness of clients to just nod in agreement with their well-intentioned, but misguided trainer.

Social Media is NOT a trainer.  If you see exercises where you are off balance, ignore them.  If you see a trainer, discussing “cleanse,” keep scrolling.  If you see someone promoting ANYTHING not proven by a true double-blind, university sponsored study, move on.  If you want to read about quality training for those seeking muscle tone, read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book, “The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding.”  Furthermore, if you want advice that you can trust, listen to someone who has actually accomplished what they promote.  Arnold you can trust.  Frank Zane you can trust.  Ronnie Coleman, you can trust.  Lee LaBrada you can trust.

Put away your Instagram.  Ignore your Facebook.  Read on your own from reliable and proven sources if you truly want to improve and not just be another sheep for a well-meaning but ill-trained Trainer.