Weight Loss

Brian Mobley

Weight Loss.  It’s not easy, is it!?  Well, I know a secret about it…

I am 50 years old.  I have been lifting weights without quitting since 1979.  My bodyfat has never been over 20%.   I have never had a serious, weight lifting related injury.  I have competed in bodybuilding competition, cycling competition, extensive race driving and in track.  In short, I live a healthy lifestyle and have for most of my life.  So, I think I have the knowledge and experience to share some insights about staying trim and at a healthy weight.  This little kernel may just be the biggest, and yet, most obvious secret I can possibly share.

Are you ready???

Can you handle it?

Are you seated?

OK, here it is…..


Kind of anti climactic, isnt it!?  But, truly, that really is all there is to it.  Imagine if you decided to give up junk food, processed foods, foods in plastic wrappers and all the other poison you see on TV and decided to eat only the foods you dont see advertised on TV!!!?  Foods like eggs, chicken, whole foods, vegetables and limited fruits.  Imagine you did that for the next 10 years.  What would you look like?  Imagine that you decided to exercise at least 3 times per week for the rest of your days….  Now, imagine that you did both!  You ate right AND exercised -AND- you NEVER QUIT!  Do you think your appearance would change?  Do you think your energy level would go up?  Do you think your confidence would improve?


IF you ate better

IF you exercised

IF you did both of these CONSISTENTLY…

I GUARANTEE you that you would feel much better and look completely different (in a good way!).

I tell my clients all the time, “Far better to have 10 weeks of medium workouts than to have 10 killer workouts in a month and then quit.”  I know, it’s a simple solution.  But, that is really all there is to it.  IF you want to be healthy, look great and feel vigorous, eat right and exercise.  I WILL WORK.

If you need guidance, contact me.  totalfithouston@gmail.com

Just don’t quit!

Brian Mobley