Brian Mobley

Weight Loss is very challenging for most people.  I have found a great tool that really helps several of my clients. Its called the “FitBit.”  Im sure many of you have already heard of it.

I like the FitBit for several reasons.  First, it has a very practical and easy to use app in which you can easily enter your daily food consumption, water consumption and other variables related to your happy body!  The device automatically tracks your daily activity, sleep and volume of steps taken per day.  The part that I really like is the food tracker.  I have found that clients who are accountable to themselves about their food choices tend to make much better progress. Plus, may people simply dont realize how many calories some of their normal food choices contain.  For example, one of my clients was having one of those fluffy Starbucks coffees every day and had no idea that the seemingly innocent indulgence had as many calories as a chocolate chip cookie!  Calories are sneaky!  They are hidden everywhere!  They are in the olive oil dressing. They are in the condiments on your chicken sandwich.  They are in the marinades used by restaurants.  They are everywhere!!  Be vigilant!

If you dont have a FitBit, I can sell you one at TotalFit or you can buy one on Amazon.  I like the “Flex” model as it does most everything needed and is fairly compact and discrete.

If you would like more information or help with your weight loss goals, contact me at TotalFit.

Enjoy the video!

Stay Fit,